Fine Art Printing / Giclée

Professional Fine Art Printing and Scanning / Giclée Printing

Salt Lake City Utah's Premier Giclee Scanning and printing Service 

We capture (scan) your artwork using a Custom Camera (50 Megapixel) / Software setup we have developed in house. This produces very high quality extremely sharp scans from your art work up to 48x96 at a full 360 DPI (597 Megapixels!) with perfect lighting and no reflections or distortion. 720 DPI also available for an additional charge.  Polarized lighting or Soft Box lighting to show some texture or for metallics.  We have over 30 years of experience shooting different types of art and color matching the digital file to your original artworks colors ready for giclée printing, publication and archiving.

You will receive a DVD AND a Flash Drive with your scans.
4 versions are supplied for each piece of art:
#1 - TIFF 16bit ProPhoto Color Space at 360 DPI.
#2 -  360 DPI sRGB JPEG.
#3 - 180 DPI sRGB JPEG.
#4 - 90 DPI Web Version sRGB JPEG. 
We also archive copies at no charge.

Artwork Scan and Color Matching up to 24 x 36
360 DPI $65.00
Larger than 24 x 36:
360 DPI $11.50 per square foot

Professional fine art Giclee printing on many paper choices including Smooth 100% Cotton Rag, Watercolor Paper, and Canvas up to 64". We fully understand color management and make our own custom camera profile and printer ICC profiles for every paper we print on.