Scanning / Photography


Scanning / Photography

We offer high end scanning from color & b&w negatives, transparencies, slides and prints and artwork.
We use a Linotype Hell Topaz, Kodak Professional HR500, Epson V700  and a Noritsu Mini Lab Scanners.


Scans from Negatives, Transparencies and prints up to 12 x 18

Low Rez (10 megs) 3.3 megapixel $5.00
Medium Rez (35 megs) 11.6 megapixel $15.00
High Rez (65 megs) 21.6 megapixel $20.00
Super High Rez (100+megs) 40+ megapixel $30.00
Images are color & density corrected, dust spotted and saved as TIFF files to CD
Additional charge of $2.50 for CD with index print

Scans from Artwork Giclée Scanning

We capture (scan) your artwork using a Custom Camera / Software setup we have developed in house. This produces scans from your art work up to 48x96 at full 360DPI (597 Megapixels) with perfect lighting and no reflections. We have many years of experience shooting different types of art and color matching the digital file to your original artworks colors for giclée printing and archiving.

Artwork Scan and Color Matching up to 24 x 36
360 DPI $65.00

Larger than 24 x 36:
36 DPI $11.50 per square foot

Economy Scanning (SHOEBOX Scanning)

Shoebox scan package (up to 500 photos 2.5x3.5 to 8.5x11 loose prints only)
$49.95 (includes CD and index prints)

Slide Scanning (18 megs) 6 megapixels
$0.75 per slide (plus $2.50 for CD and index prints)
Images are saved as JPEG format files.
Scanner uses Digital Ice to remove dust and scratches.