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TROUBLE Launching or installing ROES

Delete all of the folders in:    ~/.ROESEngineCache   on the Mac. This solves most Mac launching problems. Paste this into the "go to folder" menu in the "go" menu

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My order is not SenDing in the Uploads

This is because ROES program can't connect to Replicolor's server to send the order file. The most common reason for this is a firewall on your computer, a company firewall at work or a business. It is trying to send the file on port 8081 if you or your IT department can open up port 8081 it will send. The whole order at this point is packaged up in just one file so is has nothing to do with the size of your files or the complexity of your order. Another way to send Replicolor the order is to save the order package file to your hard drive and then send it another way. Here are the steps:

1. Go to the uploads tab in the top right of the ROES program
2. Hold option to "Light Up" the "Reopen as a new Order" option and click.
3. This will put put your order back in the shopping cart to check out again.
(we charge your CC when your order is finished so you will not be charged twice)
4. Check out again but at the "Send to us by" screen pick "Save to Disk for Alternate Delivery"
5. Save the file that ends in .ro (ROES Order) to your hard drive.
6. Send this file to us anyway you can. If you email the order we can only accept attachments no larger than 20Megs. You can use our Manual Uploads page here also.